Coffee for people that love the outdoors

Veteran owned - Rainforest Alliance & Fair Trade

Roasted When Ordered

Sockeye Salmon ©Joseph R. Tomelleri


Better than ANY coffee I have ever had in all of Seattle. Amazing flavor and is delicious cold too!

J. Jackson (Seattle, WA)

As a fellow veteran I am excited about the BHA Armed Forces Initiative blend. It is amazing! Crisp, clean tasting and low acidity. I almost gave up coffee because of heartburn but you don't get that with Salmo Java coffee.

Jeff G. (Kalamazoo, MI)

Unlike other coffee roasters Salmo Java's coffee speaks for itself and that's not something you can say about most coffee roasters. Salmo Java is truly a cup of coffee I look forward to drinking!

J. Lorenzo, (Los Angeles, CA)

Best coffee I have ever tasted. Love them all! And so glad to help support a good cause. Walleye love!

Scott "The Walleye Master" Campbell, (Detroit, MI)

5 STARS!! The Costa Rica is my fav!

Lauren N. (Kalamazoo, MI.)

Hands down Mexico Chiapas is soooo smooth and tasty Love the low acidity.

Evan Austin, (Colorado Springs, CO)

So far I have tried several of the coffees and all of them a so smooth and low in acidity. If I had to pick a favorite I would say.... Guatemala, or Kenya. But the blend of the Walleye is my favorite blend.

Patrick M. (San Diego, CA.)