Jetboil & The Coffee Rocket

The GSI Coffee Rocket is a drip coffee filter that is small and light enough to take along with the Jetboil coffee press which by itself makes delicious pressed coffee.

 The Coffee Rocket weighs in at 2.72 ounces, is compact, easy to set up, easy to use and easy to clean. Price is $10 and you can find it on sale if you look and save another buck or two. 

Our recommendation for which coffee making setup to take along is: Coffee Rocket with the Zip for solo adventures, Jetboil Zip or Flash for 2 adventurers and the Sumo for 3+ adventurers. There are other cooking systems out there but currently the Jetboil is the one that we use. Regardless of what cooking system you use, we still recommend adding the GSI Coffee Rocket to your gear especially if you are out solo adventuring. 

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