The Future Of Michigans Inland Walleye

Most anglers probably already know that the Michigan DNR rears walleye and stocks them in inland lakes every year. However, what you may not know is that the Spring Fingerlings that they stock are an average of 1-2" and have a survival rate of about 1%. Yes, just 1%. So for every 100 spring fingerling walleye stocked only 1 will make it. So let us look at the Fall Fingerlings. They are an average of 7-8" and have a 21% survival rate. That's 21 out of every 100 stocked.  Now comes the dilemma... it cost a lot more to feed the fingerlings until fall. The DNR budget for walleye typically has a short coming so they end up stocking mostly spring fingerlings. 

This is where you come in. By purchasing a bag of Walleye Roast you will help support the fall fingerling stocking program. We have partnered with the Michigan DNR along with D and R Sports to raise funds that will go directly to the walleye rearing program.

You can help by either purchasing coffee here OR if coffee is not your thing you can make a donation directly to the Michigan DNR with a request to have your donation go directly to the walleye rearing program. 

Please visit the Michigan DNR at Michigan.Gov to learn more about the walleye program.


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