You Do NOT Want Dark Roasted Coffee

If you know coffee on an intimate level then you probably know what roast levels are. If you think roast levels are light, medium and dark and you love dark roast then you need to keep reading! 

In the world of coffee you get roast levels that start at Light and progress to Cinnamon, Medium, City Light, City, Full City, Full City +, Vienna & French. 

A lot of people think they want Vienna and French Roast aka "dark roasted" coffee. Then they add milk, creamer and flavors to it. Which is pretty much what you would want to do with it since all of the origin flavors have been removed and you are left with  charred bean. No need to buy quality coffee for this, that is why some of the cheapest coffee is used in many shops that cover the coffee with sugars and flavors. If you are going to roast the flavor right out of the coffee then do NOT spend $12+ on quality coffee buy that stuff that is $7 or less.

It's like going to a steak house and getting a $100 Wagyu steak then asking them to cook it to extra well done because you are going to cover it in ketchup or steak sauce. 

We roast only Rainforest Alliance, Fair Trade & Fair Trade Organic coffee and we strive to hit that sweet spot of City to Full City, which is pretty much a medium/medium dark. You get a balanced cup with the flavor of the coffee standing out in a wonderful black cup of coffee. Because we select coffees that are lower in acidity you also get the bonus of a great tasting cold coffee. No bitter after taste, natural sweetness shines through and if you get heartburn from coffee, you are less likely to get that here. 

A 2017 article in the Journal Of Medicinal Food states that dark roasted coffee loses some of the nutritional benefits are diminished, such as anti inflammatory and antioxidants. They also showed that the level of caffeine doesn't change enough to matter in roast levels. Such as dark roasted coffee having more caffeine is a myth, that has been busted multiple times. 

When you make a delicious cup of Salmo Java coffee, try it black first. If you want a stronger cup, that is easy, add more coffee when brewing. If you are making a pot, add 1/2 to 1 full scoop more on your next pot. I use several methods for brewing coffee but our daily routine coffee maker is a cone filtered drip maker. I use 4 slightly heaping scoops for a 14 cup pot, my daughter uses 5 when she makes it and my wife will go with 3 & 1/2. Dial it in to your preferred taste but know this, dark roasted coffee is just a burnt steak.

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